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     Reviews wield incredible influence over businesses, shaping their success or setbacks. As a small independent establishment, your shared experiences contribute significantly to shaping the ongoing quality and growth of Body Madix Massage Therapy.
     Your valuable feedback serves as the cornerstone for continual enhancement and refinement of our services. By sharing your experiences, you empower Shannon ant the Body Madix team to evolve and consistently deliver exceptional massage therapy services for year ahead. 
     Your support and feedback are immensely appreciated; they guide us in our commitment to providing unparalleled care and service. 
     Thank you for being a n integral part of our journey.

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"06/17/23 Update: Shannon finally got me to try cupping, and it is and amazing tool for my body. Looking forward to seeing the new health results of this method. Shannon is so diversified in her healing methods, please five her a few tries and see for yourself!"

"01/04/23 Update: My health continues to improve and energy still increasing. Shannon has helped my body release trauma I didn't realize I was carrying. My life has definitely improved with Shannon's help. She is only one part of my healing, but a very affective one. I know I wouldn't be doing this well without her care. Highly recommend!"


- Katie 2023

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