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My name is Shannon Goolsby, LMT

As someone who intimately comprehends the challenges of chronic pain, I'm not just a Chronic Pain Specialist - I'm also a fellow chronic pain warrior. I recognize the vital importance of discovering effective pain relief strategies that can restore your quality of life. My personal journey through chronic pain has fueled my commitment to helping others achieve similar relief.

My expertise encompasses a fusion of Eastern and Western massage techniques. By leveraging the strengths of both modalities, I aim to guide you toward your physical and emotional wellness objectives.


* Graduate of the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine,
   Acupuncture and Massage Therapy
* National certification in Therapeutic Massage
* Licensed professional in the state of Alaska
* Proud member of the American Massage  Therapy  
   Association   (AMTA)

With this unique blend of training and personal understanding, I'm dedicated to offering tailored solutions that go beyond traditional approaches, empowering you to reclaim comfort and enhance your well-being.
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